Why do you need the help of a tax professional?


  • Dealing with tax debts requires knowledge in the very complex federal and state laws. All requirements must be accomplished correctly on the first try. Mistakes could mean an additional penalty added on top of your tax debt or even imprisonment.


  • Tax Debt Relief Programs are options that offer a measure of relief for taxpayers who owe Federal or State tax debts.  This can in the form of reorganization of an existing tax debt or settlement to pay a tax debt on a lesser amount.


  • An Offer In Compromise (OIC) is a tax debt relief program offered by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) where the IRS and the indebted tac payer comes to an agreement to settle tax debt on a lesser amount than what is originally owed.

A taxpayer must have files ALL tax returns

A taxpayer must have made all required tax payments for the current year

If the taxpayer is a business owner with employees, he or she must have made all required federal tax deposits for the current quarter.

*source: https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc204

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